# CVE-2023-22518 Exploit

## Description
This repository contains an exploit script for CVE-2023-22518. The script allows for unauthorized file uploads, potentially leading to remote code execution or other security vulnerabilities.

## Disclaimer
This repository is for educational and informational purposes only. Unauthorized use of this exploit script is strictly prohibited. Be responsible and respect ethical hacking principles.

## Vulnerability Details
- **CVE ID:** CVE-2023-22518
- **Vulnerability Type:** Unauthorized File Upload
- **Severity:** High
- **Affected Software:** [Specify affected software/application]

## Exploit Usage
1. Clone the repository to your local machine.
2. Run the script by providing the URL and the path to the .zip file you want to upload.

Enter the URL: http://REDACTED:8090/json/setup-restore.action?synchronous=true
Enter the path to the .zip file: /path/