Title: Payment bypass

Product: WordPress NAB Transact WooCommerce Plugin

Vendor Homepage:

Vulnerable Version: 2.1.0

Fixed Version: 2.1.2

CVE Number: CVE-2020-11497

Author: Jack Misiura from The Missing Link 



2020-03-27 Disclosed to Vendor

2020-03-29 Vendor publishes first fix

2020-04-04 Vendor publishes second fix

2020-08-17 Fix confirmed

2020-08-20 Publication


1. Vulnerability Description


The WordPress NAB Transact WooCommerce plugin does not validate the origin of payment processor status requests, allowing orders to be marked as fully paid by issuing a specially crafted GET request during the ordering workflow.


2. PoC


When presented with a payment screen, instead of submitting payment information, issue the following GET request to the site: wc_order_YYYYY&is_crn=0&txnid=ZZZZZ&refid=WooCommerceXXXX&rescode=00&restext=Approved


Where XXXX is the order number and YYYY is the order code which have been present before during the workflow. If these are not presented, submit invalid payment information and get a declined message. Now brute-force the order number which is sequential. Doing so will mark any existing pending orders as fully paid.


3. Solution


The vendor provides an updated version (2.1.2) which should be installed immediately.

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