# Exploit Title: eGain Chat 15.5.5 Cross-Site Scripting
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Exploit Authors: Brandon Ming Yang Ho (, Hassy Vinod Eshan (
# CVE: CVE-2020-15948

# Timeline

- June 2020:     Initial vulnerability discovery
- July 2020:     Reported to eGain Corporation
- August 2020:     Fix/patch provided by eGain Corporation
- September 2020:   Public disclosure notified to eGain Corporation
- July 2021:     Published CVE-2020-15948

# 1. Introduction

eGain Chat is a real time chat assistance solution by eGain Corporation for website visitors to communicate with chat agents.

# 2. Vulnerability Details

eGain Chat version 15.5.5 is vulnerable to reflected Cross-Site Scripting (Reflected XSS).

The β€œName” input field (full_name) does not fully sanitise user input for special characters such as β€œ<” or β€œ>” and HTML attributes such as β€œ<a href>”. It is possible for an attacker to bypass filtering and create malicious scripts. Once the response has been rendered, the malicious JavaScript code would be executed.

# 3. Proof of Concept

The β€œName” input field (full_name) of the chat window can be injected with the following XSS payload as a Proof of Concept to execute a javascript alert popup.

Payload - <a href="javascript&#58alert(document.domain)">click</a>

# 4. Remediation

Apply the latest fix/patch from eGain Corporation.

# 5. Credits

- Brandon Ming Yang Ho (
- Hassy Vinod Eshan (

# [2021-09-25]  #