# Exploit Title: Buffer Overflow in TP-Link Archer AX10(EU)_V1.2_230220
# Exploit Author: Giuseppe Compare
# CVE: CVE-2023-34832
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: TP-Link Archer AX10(EU)_V1.2_230220

Buffer Overflow

There is a buffer overflow in the FUN_131e8 function due to using sprintf improperly, detailed in line 47-49

sprintf(&DAT_000283a4,"echo \'[ %s ] %d: get OCN v6plus rules begin\n \' > /dev/console", "https_get_rules_OCN",0x3c3); system(&DAT_000283a4);
 //line 47-49
sprintf((char *)&local_428, "" ,param_2 + 0x23,param_2[0x2d]);

The sprintf() function makes no guarantees regarding the length of the generated string, a sufficiently long string passed as an additional argument could generate a buffer overflow.

Guarantee that storage for strings has sufficient space for character data and the null terminator.
Avoid using unsafe functions such as sprintf(), consider using snprintf() or sprintf_s() and variants.
Double check that your buffer is as large as you specify.
Check buffer boundaries if accessing the buffer in a loop and make sure there is no danger of writing past the allocated space.