# CVE-2023-30212 LAB SETUP

  Download <br>
 `sudo apt install -y`


1. Download all files from my repository using the below command.<br>
   `git clone`<br>
2. Now to make a docker image run the following command:<br>
   `sudo docker build -t vuln .`<br>
3. Next is to change the docker image to a conatainer.The container need to run at port 80 The command is :<br>
   `sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 vuln`
4. To check if the container is up use the command:<br>
   `sudo docker ps`
5. Type in the browser and an OURPHP page will be loaded.
6. You need to configure the ourphp with the following:<br>
   Username : root<br>
   Password : root<br>
   Database Name: vuln

7. Now you need to configure username and password for Administrative. Set the following:<br>
   Username: root<br>
   Password: root

8. Now copy the below link and paste it in the browser:<br>