# CVE-2022-26809
A proof of concept of the  CVE-2022-26809-RCE vulnerability.

# What is this CVE about?
CVE-2022-26809 - weakness in a core Windows component (RPC) earned a CVSS score of 9.8 not without a reason, as the attack does not require authentication and can be executed remotely over a network, and can result in remote code execution (RCE) with the privileges of the RPC service, which depends on the process hosting the RPC runtime. That critcal bug, with a bit of luck, allows to gain access to unpatched Windows host running SMB. The vulnerability can be exploited both from outside the network in order to breach it as well as between machines in the network.

# What is vulnerable to this exploit?
Any Windows build running SMB and with port 445 open.

# How can I get this exploit?
Currently, We are not going to release the source to the public, to get this exploit it will not be free, goto