# CVE-2023-27163-InternalProber

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`CVE-2023-27163-InternalProber` is a powerful tool designed to help you to create a request basket and perform port scanning. It automates the creation of new basket and then change the configuration for each port to perform port scanning on the internal IP address. By leveraging this tool, you can efficiently discover potential security vulnerability by port scanning.

## Features

- Quickly scan ports in a specified range on a target's internal network.
- No output file is created, only the open port URLs are printed.

## Installation 

1. Make sure you have Python 3.x installed on your system.
2. Clone this repository or download the script directly.
3. Open a terminal and navigate to the script's directory.

## Usage

python -t <target_url> -i <internal_ip>

### Flags

- `-t` or `--target`: Specify the target URL to perform port scanning on.
- `-i` or `--internal-ip`: Specify the internal IP address for port configuration.

## How It Works

1. Creates a random basket to establish communication with the target.
2. Iterates through the specified port range, configuring the basket for each port.
3. Checks if the basket's URL is reachable. If reachable, an open port is detected.

## Contributions

Contributions are welcome! If you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please open an issue or submit a pull request.

## License

This project is licensed under the [MIT License](LICENSE).


**Disclaimer:** This tool is designed for educational and security research purposes. Use it responsibly and only on web applications you have permission to test. The developers are not responsible for any unauthorized or illegal use of this tool.

For more information, please refer to the [GitHub repository](

**Author:** Samarth Dad ([samh4cks](