# CVE-2023-25157 - GeoServer SQL Injection


## Description

CVE-2023-25157 is a SQL injection vulnerability found in GeoServer, an open-source platform for sharing, processing, and editing geospatial data. The vulnerability affects versions prior to 2.21.4 and versions 2.22.0 to 2.22.2 of GeoServer. It allows an attacker to execute arbitrary SQL commands in the underlying GeoServer database, potentially resulting in unauthorized access, data manipulation, or deletion.

The vulnerability can be exploited when a malicious attacker submits manipulated inputs through susceptible SQL injection fields, such as GET or POST request parameters.

## Impact

By successfully exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker can:

- Execute arbitrary SQL queries on the GeoServer database.
- Gain unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in the GeoServer database.

## Usage

To run the `geoserver.go` program and interact with the GeoServer API at ``, use the following command:

go run geoserver.go
## Solution

The GeoServer development team has released a fix for the CVE-2023-25157 vulnerability. It is strongly recommended that affected users update their GeoServer installations to version 2.21.4 or upgrade to version 2.22.2. These versions include the necessary patches to address the issue.

To mitigate the risk of exploitation, the following steps can be taken:

1. Update GeoServer to version 2.21.4 or upgrade to version 2.22.2.
2. Ensure that all inputs susceptible to SQL injection are properly validated and sanitized before being passed to GeoServer.
3. Implement security best practices such as the principle of least privilege to restrict database access only to what is necessary.
4. Regularly monitor for suspicious activities in GeoServer and the database logs.

## References

- [Official GeoServer website](
- [Link to CVE-2023-25157 report](