# CVE-2023-2833 Mass Exploit Generator by Alucard0x1

This repository contains an exploit for CVE-2023-2833, a privilege escalation vulnerability in the ReviewX plugin for WordPress versions up to and including 1.6.13.

## Description

The ReviewX plugin is vulnerable to privilege escalation, allowing a subscriber-level user to escalate their privileges to administrator-level.

## Usage

1. Create a subscriber account on the target website using the following credentials:
   - Username must be named set to = tt
   - Password must be set to = tt

2. Clone this repository and navigate to the exploit directory.

3. Prepare a `url.txt` file that contains a list of target website URLs, with one URL per line (main domain).

4. Run the exploit script by executing the following command:

Alucard0x1MassExploit.exe url.txt

## Credits

- Exploit Credit & Author: Lana Codes ([Lana Codes](
- Exploit Generator by : Alucard0x1
- CVE Information: [CVE-2023-2833](

## Disclaimer

This exploit is provided for educational purposes only. Use it at your own risk. The author and OpenAI do not take responsibility for any illegal activities conducted with this exploit.