# CVE-2024-24919-Check-Point-Remote-Access-VPN

**CVE-2024-24919** is an unauthenticated arbitrary file read vulnerability that can be treated nothing less than a full unauthenticated RCE. An attacker can read any sensitive files located on the affected appliance with **superuser** access. An attacker can retrieve the contents of the ntds.dit or /etc/password file and can use them login to systems, and if the Security Gateway allows password only authentication, the attacker may use the cracked passwords to authenticate.

**Affected product and versions**: CloudGuard Network, Quantum Maestro, Quantum Scalable Chassis, Quantum Security Gateways, Quantum Spark Appliances
                               R77.20 (EOL), R77.30 (EOL), R80.10 (EOL), R80.20 (EOL), R80.20.x, R80.20SP (EOL), R80.30 (EOL), R80.30SP (EOL), R80.40 (EOL), R81, R81.10, R81.10.x, R81.20

**Usage**: python3 -i <Target_IP>

**Usage**: python3 -i <Target_IP>

**Disclaimer**: This exploit is to be used only for educational and authorized testing purposes. Illegal/unauthorized use of this exploit is prohibited. I am not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this script.