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# overread
**Simulates CVE-2023-4966 Citrix Bleed overread bug**

This is my final project for [Harvard CS50 Cybersecurity 2023](  It's about a bug. A small bug – with huge, ongoing consequences. In this presentation, I’ll be sharing the “bleeding insights” from one developer’s tiny mistake. A mistake that continues to cause big problems for potentially millions of people.

## Video
[Citrix Bleed Video on YouTube](

Recorded December 4, 2023

## Notes

This demonstration program in C makes a call to `snfprintf()` in a way that forces it to truncate the output.  It then attempts to actually overread a memory buffer to show how the CVE-2023-4966 exploit works.

Depending on your compiler and the size of the buffers used here, `malloc()` might introduce page-alignment padding which could break the demonstration. The constants I use are chosen so the output fits on one terminal display screen. Changing them can cause the results to differ and might not demonstrate the issue at all.

## Output
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