# CVE-2023-0830: EasyNAS 1.1.0 Authenticated OS Command Injection Exploit

This Python script is a powerful exploit for EasyNAS version 1.1.0. The vulnerability exploited is a command injection flaw, which requires authentication.

The script begins by establishing a session with the target server, then sends a login request with user-provided credentials. Upon successful authentication, the script constructs a payload that, when executed, opens a reverse shell connection to a user-specified IP and port. This payload is URL and Base64 encoded and then injected into the `` file on the server via a crafted GET request.

This script is meant to be a proof of concept, and should only be used responsibly and ethically.

## CVE: CVE-2023-0830

## Exploit Author
Ivan Spiridonov (

## Vendor home page 

## Usage
./ http(s)://url username password listenerIP listenerPort

## Dependencies
Requires Python3 and the Requests library.

### Note:
Disable the insecure request warnings when using this script, as it will attempt to establish an HTTPS connection to the target URL.

## Disclaimer
This script is for educational purposes and authorized penetration testing only. Always seek explicit permission before running any penetration tests against a network or system.

Please use responsibly.