# CVE-2024-3273 - D-Link Remote Code Execution (RCE) :boom:

A critical vulnerability, classified as CVE-2024-3273, was discovered in several D-Link NAS devices, including DNS-320L, DNS-325, DNS-327L, and DNS-340L, up to the date of 20240403. This vulnerability affects an unknown function of the file `/cgi-bin/nas_sharing.cgi` in the component HTTP GET Request Handler. It allows for command injection through manipulation of the system argument, posing a significant security risk. The exploit can be initiated remotely, making it particularly dangerous.

## Affected Devices :warning:

The following D-Link NAS devices are affected:

- DNS-320L
- DNS-325
- DNS-327L
- DNS-340L

## Vulnerability Details :information_source:

- Component: HTTP GET Request Handler
- File: `/cgi-bin/nas_sharing.cgi`
- Vulnerability Type: Command Injection
- Remote Exploit: Yes
- Vulnerability Identifier: VDB-259284

## Disclaimer :warning:

I am not responsible for any misuse of this Proof of Concept (PoC) exploit. It is your responsibility to use this tool in a legal and ethical manner.