# CVE-2023-24488
CVE-2023-24488.rb The provided script is a Ruby script used to check and detect the CVE-2023-24488 security vulnerability in Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC.

# Script Details:

he script requires the HTTParty library, which helps in sending HTTP requests.
The check_cve_2023_24488 function is defined, which takes a url parameter to specify the target URL.
The path variable is defined, which contains the exploit string for the CVE-2023-24488 vulnerability.
A GET request is sent using HTTParty to the target URL along with the pre-defined path.
The server's response is examined to verify if the vulnerability is exploited or not. This is done by checking the presence of the <script>alert(document.domain)</script> string in the response body, verifying that the response header contains "content-type: text/html", and checking that the response code is 302.
If the vulnerability is detected in the target URL, it prints "Vulnerable to CVE-2023-24488: Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC - Cross-Site Scripting."
If the vulnerability is not detected in the target URL, it prints "Not vulnerable to CVE-2023-24488."
The script is used to scan a specific website (in this case, to check if it is vulnerable to the CVE-2023-24488 exploit. You can change the target URL by modifying the value of target_url in the script.

# CVE Details
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