# CVE-2023-42793 Exploit Script

## Overview

This script is designed to automate the exploitation process for the CVE-2023-42793 vulnerability. It targets a specific service (presumably affected by this vulnerability) and attempts to delete a user token, create a new user token, and then create a new user with administrative privileges.

## Requirements

- Python 3
- Libraries: `requests`, `random`, `argparse`, `xml.etree.ElementTree`

## Installation

1. Ensure Python 3 is installed on your system.
2. Install the required Python libraries:
   pip install requests

## Usage

The script can be executed against either a single URL or a list of URLs.

1. **Single URL Mode**:
   python -u <URL of the TeamCity>
2. **List Mode**:
   python -l <file containing list of URLs>

## Features

- **Automated Exploitation**: Automates the CVE-2023-42793 exploit process.
- **Flexible Targeting**: Can target a single URL or multiple URLs from a list.
- **Logging**: Successful exploits are logged in `vulnerable.txt`.

## Caution

- This script is intended for educational and ethical testing purposes only.
- Use it responsibly and only on systems for which you have explicit permission to test.

## Contributing

Contributions to enhance the script or its documentation are welcome. Please adhere to standard coding practices and ensure that all submissions are thoroughly tested.