# :warning: CVE-2024-22024
**CVE-2024-22024** vulnerability in **Ivanti Connect Secure**
Exploit with Python
## :white_check_mark: How to use
Testing a **single URL**:

```python .\ -u -c```

Testing **list of URLs**:

```python .\ -u .\urls_list.txt -c```

Using a **different timeout** (5 seconds):

```python .\ -u .\urls_list.txt -c -t 5```

+ ```-u``` or ```--target_url```: The target Ivanti Connect Secure (ICS) URL or file with list of URLs.
+ ```-c``` or ```--attacker_url```: The attacker URL (generate one using Burp Collaborator, ngrok, or by using a unique URL from
+ ```-t``` or ```--timeout```: Timeout in seconds for the request (default is 3 seconds)