# CVE-2021-26084-EXP

This code is an exploit for the CVE-2021-26084 vulnerability. The vulnerability affects specific versions of software and allows remote attackers to perform arbitrary command injection attacks.

## Vulnerability Description

CVE-2021-26084 is a command injection vulnerability that affects certain versions of software. By constructing a malicious request, an attacker can inject malicious commands and execute them on the target system.

## Prerequisites

- Go 1.17 or later

## Usage

### Step 1: Clone the Repository

git clone

### Step 2: Change to the Code Directory

cd CVE-2021-26084-EXP

### Step 3: Compile the Code

go build -o cve-2021-26084-exp main.go

### Step 4: Run the Code

./cve-2021-26084-exp -u <target-url> -c <command-to-execute>

Available options:

- `-u`: Target URL, specifying the URL of the target system where the vulnerability exists.
- `-c`: Command to execute, the command you want to execute on the target system.

### Step 5: Check the Results

The program will send the malicious request and wait for the response. If the vulnerability is detected, it will display "Vulnerability detected" and extract the result of the command execution.

## Notes

- This code is intended for authorized penetration testing and educational purposes only. Ensure that you use it within the scope of legal authorization and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
- Testing systems without proper authorization using this code is illegal and may result in severe consequences.

## Disclaimer

This code is provided for educational and research purposes only. The user is solely responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused by the use of this code. The author assumes no liability for any loss or damage caused by the use of this code.

Please carefully read and understand the associated risks and responsibilities before using this code.