# l4j-info
Compiling valuable links as I find them documenting CVE-2021-44228 or Log4J

# Critical First Party advisories:
- [Existing Log4J 1.2 vulnerability CVE-2019-17571 is also potentially present](
- [Apache Log4J Version 2.x Security Information](
- [VMWare critical vulnerability advisory](
- [Cisco product vulnerability announcement](
- [Sophos products affected](
- [Microsoft’s response to CVE-2021-44228](

# Intelligence & Mitigation:
- [Microsoft mitigation strategy](
- [CISA Cyber Hygine Services](
- [Microsoft Azure Sentinel IoC list, YAML](
- [Where to look & what we’re looking for](
- [Huntress Log4Shell Vulnerability Tester](
- [Malware samples known to be exploiting Log4J](
- [Indicators of Compromise by IP Source](
- [Loghunt’s Log4j-scan scanner for finding vulnerable hosts](
- [Greynoise’s live list of known Apache Log4J Remote Code Execution Attempts](
- [File hashes for known vulnerable versions of Log4Shell](
- [Malicious LDAP server for proof-of-concept testing](
- [How to restrict LDAP access via JNDI at the code-level](

# Summary Articles:
- [Understanding Log4Shell with Randori & Greynoise ](
- [NCCGroup’s Reconnaissance and Post Exploit Detection guide](
- [Swiss Government Advisory & Attack Explanation](
- [Potentially affected vendors and projects](
- [Tech Solvency’s “Story so Far”](
- [List of Known Payloads, Threat Reports and IoC lists.](
- [Cloudflare hosting’s response to Log4j 2 vulnerability](