# CVE-2023-41425

## Description
Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in Wonder CMS v.3.2.0 thru v.3.4.2 allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code via a crafted script uploaded to the installModule component.

## Working
The attached exploit "" performs the following actions:

1. It takes 3 arguments:
   - URL: where WonderCMS is installed (no need to know the password)
   - IP: attacker's Machine IP
   - Port No: attacker's Machine PORT
2. It generates an xss.js file (for reflected XSS) and outputs a malicious link.
3. As soon as the admin (logged user) opens/clicks the malicious link, a few background requests are made without admin acknowledgement to upload a shell via the upload theme/plugin functionality.
4. After uploading the shell, it executes the shell and the attacker gets the reverse connection of the server.

## PoC

## References