# CVE-2024-3094-Checker
The repository consists of a checker file that confirms if your xz version and xz-utils package is vulnerable to CVE-2024-3094.

# Disclaimer:
1. This script is provided without any warranty, express or implied.
2. By choosing to execute this script, you accept full responsibility for any consequences that may arise.
3. The author(s) disclaim liability for any damages or issues, including data loss or system instability, resulting from its use.
4. Before running this script, it is advisable to carefully review its functionality and ensure appropriate backups are in place.
5. Your use of this script implies your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms.
   ~Author: TheTorjanCaptain

# Installation

1. Download the code(Hope you know how) or copy the raw data to a .sh file.
2. chmod +x
3. ./

# Mitigations
Please upgrade to a latest version or downgrade to a stable version.