# AcceleratorTroll™ <img src="acceleratortroll/Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/acceleratortroll.png" width="140px" style="float: right;">
Abusing CVE-2023-28206 to make something useful. 

## Roadmap
Right now, we are still trying to understand how the vulnerability works and how to exploit it for anything other than panics.

 - Prove that the vulnerability can be used to obtain kernel privileges.
 - Obtain a krw exploit.
 - Run an SSH Server.
 - Allow for running unsigned code or fakesigned code.
 - Control UICache to install apps.

## Credits

 - App made by [Jan](
 - Logo made by [iframe:3](
 - MeoRW made by [May.](

 - PoC by [Linus Henze](
 - WeightBufs by [Mohamed Ghannam](