# Unauthenticated Sensitive Information Disclosure
# CVE-2021-38314
Python exploit for CVE-2021-38314

Use: python3

The Gutenberg Template Library & Redux Framework plugin <= 4.2.11 for WordPress registered several AJAX actions available to unauthenticated users in the "includes" function in "redux-core/class-redux-core.php" that were unique to a given site but deterministic and predictable given that they were based on an md5 hash of the site URL with a known salt value of '-redux' and an md5 hash of the previous hash with a known salt value of '-support'. These AJAX actions could be used to retrieve a list of active plugins and their versions, the site's PHP version, and an unsalted md5 hash of site’s "AUTH_KEY" concatenated with the "SECURE_AUTH_KEY".