# POC for CVE-2023-24488

This tool is inspired from similar tool built using python, This tool was built using golang and has been refined from its python version, this tool is used for exfoliation CVE-2023-24488

Installation follow this command
λ  ~ git clone
λ  ~ cd CVE-2023-24488
λ  CVE-2023-24488 git:(main) go build CVE-2023-24488.go
To run tools follow this command
λ  CVE-2023-24488 git:(main) ✗ ./CVE-2023-24488 --help
Develop By: LazySec

Usage of ./CVE-2023-24488:
  -f string
    	File containing list of URLs/IPs
  -o string
    	Output file to save vulnerable IPs
  -u string
    	Single URL/IP to check vulnerability
Thanks, and enjoy using this tools :)