# CVE_2024_24919 Vulnerability Scanner

This Java tool scans a list of IP addresses for the CVE-2024-24919 vulnerability. It attempts to exploit the vulnerability and provides options to print the response body data and change the target file directory.

## Table of Contents

- [Usage](#usage)
- [Features](#features)
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Running the Tool](#running-the-tool)
- [License](#license)

## Usage

The tool reads a list of IP addresses from a file named `domain-IP.txt`, checks each IP for the CVE-2024-24919 vulnerability, and provides interactive options for further actions based on the results.

### Features

- **Vulnerability Check**: Verifies if the IP address is vulnerable to CVE-2024-24919.
- **Interactive Response**: Prompts the user to print the response body data and change the file directory for more in-depth vulnerability exploitation.

## Installation

1. **Clone the Repository**:
    git clone
    cd CVE_2024_24919_Scanner

2. **Ensure Java is Installed**:
    Make sure you have Java installed on your system. You can download it from [here](

3. **Prepare the IP List**:
    Create a file named `domain-IP.txt` in the root directory of the project and list the IP addresses you want to check, one per line.

## Running the Tool

Compile and run the Java program with the following commands:

java CVE_2024_24919