# CVE-2023-4966
An Exploitation script developed to exploit the CVE-2023-4966 bleed citrix information disclosure vulnerability

Hackers have wildly exploiting this vulnerability Citrix gateway and this is exploitation script with enabled concurrency and capable to exploit
files of target and single target

## Installation:

git clone
cd CVE-2023-4966
pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -h

## Single exploitation:


python3 -d -o output.txt


## Mass exploitation:

python3 -dL domains.txt -o output.txt


## INFO:

This exploitation script has been upgraded by with the previous exploitation provided by [ASSETNOTE]( by upgrading and made some
changes in this exploitation. Importing things this the developer is not reponse for any illegal or unethical exploitation

## Sponser

The Exploitation developed by [D.Sanjai Kumar]( and Great Thanks to the sponser of this project [CrackSoft Securities]( for their support and lots and lots and โค๏ธ, Making
others to push their skills and knowledge and lot of things doing for the open source community.