# CVE-2023-48084
Fixes broken syntax in the POC, primarily incorrect import and incorrect referral to API functions.

automates the API_Token retrieval, stores the token as a variable and pipes into the fixed POC.

If for some reason this does not work, diffcheck the source of the dependency linked above and revert my changes.

## Installation

git clone
python3 -m venv /. #You can also use virutalenv, conda, pipenv, miniconda
source ./bin/activate
pip install /bin/requirements.txt


### Adjusting for other websites or cookie based exploits
Note, this is hardcoded for a specific lab. It should still work any scenario where you would need to curl an API token through a post request and use CVE-2023-48084.
Currently, the values are hardcoded. But they could be changed to handle input. Specifically the user, password, API URL for the post request and the URL for the POC exploit. The API return values/syntax might require some changes in parsing the token, but since I swapped from using regex to using json.get for parsing it should work universally. Well, hopefully. The original POC also handles session cookies. To swap from API token, just change the -c to -a in and either adjust the token retrieval in  main.authenticate() to your needs or hardcode the value.