# CVE-2021-42013 Vulnerability Scanner

This Python script checks for the Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2021-42013) in Apache 2.4.50.

## Introduction

This script is designed to help identify if a server is vulnerable to the CVE-2021-42013 RCE vulnerability in Apache 2.4.50. It checks the server's response headers to determine if the vulnerability exists and exploits it for educational purposes.

## Prerequisites

- Python 3.x (Written on Python3.12)
- Internet connectivity

## Usage

1. Clone the repository or download the `` script.
2. Run the script using Python:

    python -u <URL>

    Replace `<URL>` with the URL of the server you want to scan.

3. Follow the prompts to enter a command to execute on the vulnerable server.
4. Review the script's output for results.


## Options

- `-u, --url`: Specify the URL of the server to scan for the CVE-2021-42013 vulnerability.

## Disclaimer

This script is provided for educational and research purposes only. Use it responsibly and do not use it on servers without proper authorization.

## License


## Contributions

Contributions are welcome! If you meet any issue regarding the script, you can either contact me on LinkedIn or open an issue :)