# CVE-2021-43798 โ€“ Grafana Exploit

## About

This is a proof-of-concept exploit for Grafana's Unauthorized Arbitrary File Read Vulnerability (CVE-2021-43798).

This vulnerability affects `Grafana 8.0.0-beta1 to 8.3.0`.

According to Shodan data, there are just over 2,000 Grafana servers exposed online, with the majority residing in the US and Europe, as can be seen in the figure below.

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## Contributors

[@pedrohavay]( and @acassio22
# Disclaimer

This project is created only for **educational purposes** and cannot be used for law violation or personal gain.

The author of this project is not responsible for any possible harm caused by the materials of this project.

# Demo


# Installation

    git clone
    cd exploit-grafana-CVE-2021-43798
    pip install -r requirements.txt

# Usage

1. Collect all Grafana URLs in a single file. For example: `targets.txt`

2. Use the script


# Requirements

- Python 3
- SQLite3