# G3-Loop-DoS
Python Script for Automated Vulnerability Detection of Loop DoS and CVE-2024-2169


This Python script automates the process of scanning for systems potentially vulnerable to the Loop DoS attack and the hypothetical CVE-2024-2169 vulnerability. It focuses on scanning ports associated with protocols susceptible to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. The script can be used for educational purposes or authorized penetration testing.

Key Features:

Efficient Scanning: Scans a range of IP addresses and ports associated with vulnerable protocols.
Multi-protocol Support: Supports protocols like NTP, DNS, and SNMP, with options for customization.
Custom Payload: Allows users to define custom payloads for testing specific protocol vulnerabilities.
Adjustable Parameters: Lets users adjust response timeout and number of threads to optimize the scan.
Detailed Results: Provides clear information about the response of each system tested.
Ethical Usage:

It is crucial to use this tool responsibly and ethically. It should never be used on targets without proper authorization. Its use is recommended only in controlled environments, such as for educational activities or authorized security testing.

How to Use:

Using the script is straightforward. Here's a basic example:


# Set target as the network
(G3-Loop-DoS) set_target

# Start the scan
(G3-Loop-DoS) scan