# CVE-2023-31595
IC Realtime ICIP-P2012T is vulnerable to Incorrect Access Control via an open port

IC Realtime IP PTZ Dome Camera ICIP-P2012 software version: 2.420

An exposed port (9989) responds with a live snapshot at the time of request, by using a script, it could be leveraged to have a live feed image every x second. This vulnerability critically affects confidentiality of data and could be used in reconnaissance phase (identify people, passwords etc.) for any threats.

# Exploit - Proof of Concept (POC)

1- Scan camera's IP to check if port 9989 is open.

2- If port is open, run 

  ``` sudo chmod +x ```

  ``` ./ <IP> ```

A snapshot every 2 seconds is saved to a file with camera IP's name

N.B: you can change duration by changing the sleep value at the end of script



> Youssef Mohamed - Cloud Consultancy for Digitalization & Security