# cve-2023-20198
## Description.
1vere$k POC on the CVE-2023-20198 based on the [Blog](  Also including a check on hexademical response according to the original [Cisco article](

The script works in the two modes:  
 * `check` mode which is just makes a connection for the particular URL and checks a response code. If it is 200OK and in the same time response is less then 32 symbols it is a ***possibility*** your device is compromised.
 * `exploit` mode. For the particular one you should define username, password, compromised configuration.
 * added http/https schemas support as recommended in the Cisco article.
 * for getting help just use `-h` flag.
## Example:
git clone
cd cve-2023-21098
pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m check -s https -t <target>

For the help:
python3 -h
## Contact
You are free to contact me via [Keybase]( for any details.