# CVE-2023-39063
This repository contains an exploit for the vulnerability CVE-2023-39063 found in the RaidenFTPD v2.4.4005 software. The exploit has been created to work with Python 3.

# Exploit Details
Python 3 code to exploit a SEH based Buffer Overflow vulnerability in RaidenFTPD v.2.4.4005. This vulnerability allows a local attacker to execute arbitrary code via the Server name field of the step by step setup wizard.

## Exploit Usage
1. Open RaidenFTPD
2. Click on `Setup` -> `Step by step setup wizard`
3. Run python code: `python3`
4. Paste the content of exploit-raiden.txt into the field `Server name`
5. Click `next` -> `next` -> `ok`
6. Pop calc.exe

## Exploit Demonstration

## Disclaimer
This exploit script is provided for educational purposes only. The authors do not promote or endorse any unauthorized use or exploitation of vulnerabilities. The responsibility for any illegal or unethical use of this script lies solely with the user.