# Intro
 Python 3.11 through 3.11.4, there's a problem with the os.path.normpath() function where you can cut off the path unexpectedly with `normpath()`.

 ### What is `normpath()`?

 *os.path.normpath()* method in Python is used to normalize the specified path. All redundant separator and up-level references are collapsed in the process of path normalization. 
 For example: A//B, A/B/, A/./B and A/foo/../B all will be normalized to A/B. 
 - [GeekforGeeks](

# PoC
Let's break down `` to understand whats what

Importing the bult in function `path`.
from os import path

normalizing the path but we add `\0` at first
normalized_path = path.normpath('\0')

here we print the new path

and output will be


Now instead of using `\0` I will replace it with `\0\images\anything.png`


This directly switching the path to root path instead of normalize the specified path. It's for sure critical when it comes to websites and so on...

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