# CVE-2024-3094 (XZ Backdoor) Tools

This repository contains tools for the XZ Backdoor vulnerability, also known as CVE-2024-3094.

## About CVE-2024-3094

CVE-2024-3094, also known as the XZ Backdoor, is a critical vulnerability discovered in the XZ data compression library.

For more information about the XZ Backdoor and CVE-2024-3094, please refer to the [JFrog blog post](, which provides both a comprehensive overview as well as a deeper analysis of the issue.

## CVE-2024-3094 Detector

The `cve-2024-3094-detector` tool in this repository is designed to scan files and directories for the presence of the XZ Backdoor vulnerability. It can be used to identify potentially vulnerable systems and take appropriate mitigation actions.

For more information about the CVE-2024-3094 detector tool, please visit the [cve-2024-3094-detector]( folder in this repository.