a bot to scan a channel or whole server for image attachments or urls that might be pixel screenshots, downloads them and checks them for CVE-2023-21036. if it thinks they are it tries to delete the attachment/message. at last it will give out a small statistic with links to messages that it thinks are affected but couldnt delete (e.g. due to permissions)

for detection this uses a script by retr0id <> with slight adaptations by <>

the code is mostly horrible and will probably do horrible things if you run it on a large server because the ""ratelimiting"" is very bad. im not responsible if you get your account/bot thrown into the shadowrealm

this needs the `message_content` intent and a `DISCORD_TOKEN` environment variable

# License

im not sure about the license on the script but `cog/` and `` are released into the public domain so feel free to use them in your own bot or tweak them to your needs