## Description
This is an exploit for the Linux kernel vulnerability [CVE-2022-0847]( (DirtyPipe) discovered by [Max Kellerman](

This code combines two existing DirtyPipe POC's into one:
- [febinrev](
	- Overwrites sudo binary to directly pop a root shell
- [eremus-dev](
	- A direct copy of Kellerman's POC into Python

This code checks if:
  - /etc/passwd can be overwritten to get a root shell
  - The sudo binary can be overwritten to get a root shell
  - The su binary can be overwritten to get a root shell
  - The current user can be added to the sudo group in /etc/group

It then executes the first option that is possible in that order and drops the user directly into a root shell.

For an excellent explanation of the vulnerability itself, see [Kellerman's writeup](

## Getting Started

Requires python 10.X for the use of os.splice

## Usage
usage: [-h] [--target {passwd,group,sudo,su}]

Use dirty pipe vulnerability to pop root shell

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --target {passwd,group,sudo,su}
                        The target read-only file to overwrite

### Examples
#### Try all targets until one works
vulnerable@kali:~$ python
#### Try a specific target
vulnerable@kali:~$ python --target passwd

## Cleanup

The script may write several files to /tmp: 
 - /tmp/backup_sudo
 - /tmp/backup_su
 - /tmp/passwd
 - /tmp/sh
 - /tmp/group

The generated files should be removed after execution, but may require root access to do so.

##  Dealing with errors

This exploit will overwrite a page of the file that resides in the page cache. It is unlikely to corrupt the actual file. If there is corruption or an error, you likely just need to wait until the page is overwritten in the cache, or restart your computer to fix any problems. That being said, I bear no responsibility for damage done by this code, so please read carefully and hack responsibly. Be sure to check out Max Kellerman's writeup at as well.

## Acknowledgements

- [Max Kellerman](
- [febinrev](
- [eremus-dev](