# CVE-2023-33246 - RocketMQ Remote Code Execution
CVE-2023-33246 - Apache RocketMQ config Remote Code Execution Exploit

# Overview
RocketMQ is a distributed messaging and streaming platform.

RocketMQ versions 5.1.0 and below are vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Injection. Broker component of RocketMQ is leaked on the extranet and lack permission verification. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by using the update configuration function to execute commands as the system users that RocketMQ is running as. Additionally, an attacker can achieve the same effect by forging the RocketMQ protocol content.

# Detect RocketMQ version to identify vulnerabilities
usage: [-h] [--ip IP] [--file FILE] [--port PORT] [--cidr CIDR]

Check CVE-2023-33246 RocketMQ RCE vulnerability

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --ip IP      A single IP address to check
  --file FILE  A file containing a list of IP addresses, one per line
  --port PORT  The port number to use when connecting to the server (default
               is 9876)
  --cidr CIDR  A CIDR range to scan (e.g.
## usage examples
python3 --ip --port 9876
python3 --cidr
# or 
python3 --file rocketmq_targets.txt --port 9876
# target in file format:
# ip
# ip:port
# http://ip:port