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# CVE-2024-24919 PoC (but its a CLI)
**Disclaimer:** I am not responsible for any misuse of this PoC.

### Instalation

- `git clone && cd CVE-2024-24919`
- `python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt && chmod +x`
- `./CVE-2024-24919`

### Commands

- **CONNECT:** Sets the host. Example: `CONNECT`
- **DISCONNECT:** Resets the host to `None` and sets the current directory to `/`.
- **CD:** Mimics the `CD` command of an average OS. Example: `CD etc`
- **VIEW:** Displays the contents of the specified file if it exists. Example: `VIEW passwd`
- **EXIT:** Exits the POC.


### FOFA Query
title="Check Point SSL Network Extender"


This is an extended version of [LucasKatashi's POC](