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# CVE-2024-21762
The PoC demonstrates the potential for remote code execution by exploiting the identified security flaw  in FortiGate.
**CVE-2024-21762 PoC :bomb:**
This repository contains a Python exploit targeting a vulnerability in FortiGate, a next-generation firewall. The exploit takes advantage of a security flaw to execute arbitrary code on the target system.
Features :rocket:

    Crafted payload to exploit the vulnerability
    Custom ROP (Return Oriented Programming) chain for remote code execution
    HTTP request crafting for remote exploitation

Usage :computer:

    Ensure you have Python installed on your system.
    Clone this repository to your local machine.
    Modify the exploit code to customize the payload if necessary.
    Run the exploit script using Python.


#**Disclaimer :warning:**

This exploit is provided for educational and research purposes only. Use it responsibly and only on systems you own or have explicit permission to test.