# Sudo-Vulnerability-Exploit-CVE-2019-14287

Sudo has been discovered to be unreliable, one of the most significant, powerful, and 
commonly used utilities installed in almost any Unix and Linux based operating system 
as a simple command. A pseudo security policy bypass flaw that allows arbitrary 
commands to be executed on a targeted Linux device by a malicious user or application. 
There must be a non-standard setup for the mistake. Linux machines, in other words, are 
not corrupted by nature. Incorrect users should only use the "Super User Do" command 
while executing commands on a Linux operating system by defining the user ID "-1" to 
execute it as a command source [1]. Insecurity needs a structured setup as demonstrated 
in CVE-2019-14287 but also opens the door to unauthorized users. Using -u # -1 on the 
command line helps users to circumvent the faux error-caused offline cap.