# log4j
This code *DOES NOT* promote or encourage any illegal activities!
The content in this document is provided solely for educational purposes and to create awareness!

To run this project follow the following steps:
1. Clone the repository: 
```git clone```
3. Run the script (```python3 <ip_address>``` i.e. ```python3```). This installs the prerequisite software, and also starts up the LDAP server.
4. Run the script (```python3```). This compiles the Java payload to be ran, and also starts a python3 http.server. 

# Acknowledgement for contributions: 
* John Hammond :
* Moritz Bechler (For creating the Java Unmarshaller Security - MarshalSec) :
* xiajun325 for clear instruction on how to use the MarshalSec tool :
# copyright by Davil Bambol