# CVE-2024-21305

This repo contains the report and PoC of [CVE-2024-21305](, the non-secure Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) configuration vulnerability. This vulnerability allowed arbitrary kernel-mode code execution, effectively bypassing HVCI, within the root partition. For the root cause, read the [blog post]( coauthored with Andrea Allievi ([@aall86](, a Windows Core OS engineer who analyzed and fixed the issue.

The [report](./Report/ in this repo is what I sent to MSRC, which contains the PoC and an initial analysis of the issue.


## Timeline

- July 2, Satoshi consulted Andrea for the validity of the bug.
- July 16, Satoshi sent an initial report to Andrea.
- July 20, Satoshi submitted a formal report to MSRC.
- Aug 31, Satoshi agreed with the disclosure day to be January 9th, 2024.
- Oct 17, MSRC notified Satoshi that the report was in the scope of bug bounty and eligible for 1000 USD.
- January 9, 2024, MSFT disclosed and released the fix for the issue.

Thanks MSRC for transparent communication and the engineering team, specifically Andrea, for fixing this issue.